You Get What You Pay For? Hmm...

Recently I purchased an item on Amazon that was a GREAT buy!  At least, I thought it was a good buy based on the super low price I paid.  However, the product only lasted a couple of days due to its cheap construction and poor craftsmanship.

Several years ago I was flipping houses (long before fixer-upper and the other reality T.V. shows).  I had one specific painter I always used, but boy was he expensive.  However, he was good and a master painter!  As you guessed, I opted for a less expensive painter for a future home, only to have to hire my original painter to come in and fix the mess.  Yes, you really do get what you pay for!

Why the blog post?  First, I realize there are some schools offering discounts every other day, cheap specials, etc.  But at the end of the day, are you going to enjoy your course and be prepared for the exam?  At Global Real Estate School, one of our company values is "integrity" pricing and FREE access to an instructor (that's me, John Mayfield) with EVERY purchase.  No gimmicks, no special packages that include or don't include certain features.  We provide everything with your course purchase.  We're not a conglomerate, and yes, I answer my phone on the weekends and holidays.  😊

And best of all, our pass rates are not too bad either.  Check out the October 2019 pass rates for the Missouri Salesperson's exam.  We finished well above the state average pass rates for all other schools combined by 22% (percentage points). 

Sometimes you do get what you pay for.  We want you to make sure you get the best at Global Real Estate School and actually, more than what you pay for.  

If you're thinking about a career in real estate, we would love to have you as a student.  

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