Ten Testing Tips to Help You Pass The Real Estate Exam

You have gone through the class and you have studied hard. Now its time for the Real Estate Exam. Use these ten tips to help you succeed on the first try!




1. Get a good night’s sleep and eat breakfast. Drink plenty of water. 

2. Prepare yourself mentally; visualize succeeding on the test, meditate, or practice breathing techniques. 

3. Its recommended not to study right before the test. Concentrate on being calm and mentally accessing the information you have already studied.

4. Get to the testing center a little early. 

5. Do NOT think negatively. Use positive affirmations, like, “I am prepared and I will pass this test".

7. You should be provided a blank sheet of paper during the test. Use it to work out math problems or just to jot down things to remember.

8. Ignore others testing. Whether how fast others finish or what others are doing during the test should not distract you. Your test is the most important thing happening.

9. Do not dwell on questions your unsure of. Mark those questions and come back to them.

10. Answer every question. It is not against the rules to guess. "When in doubt, 'C' your way out".

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