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Hi John,

I just wanted to write to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed your online school.  I am a former elementary school teacher who left the classroom last year because it no longer made financial sense for our family and we needed more money coming in. 
As I turn 40 in January, I am reinventing myself and excited about my new career in real estate.  My husband and I also pastor a church in the Kansas City area, he will be joining me in real estate soon as well, as a bi-vocational pastor.  He is also a part time programmer so we recognize on many levels the true gift that your school is.  You have worked really hard to create a thorough and aesthetically pleasing school experience.  I was able to devote much time and effort to the process and I finished the school in 2 weeks and passed my test on the first try.  I really felt like I learned the information you shared and not just learned how to pass the test. 
So, thank you for all your hard work in creating the program...I am sure you have countless hours invested in it.  You are an effective educator and trainer. 
Thank you!!  I will be recommending your school to any new prospective real estate agents.  


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