Question - Are There Too Many Real Estate Agents in my Marketplace?

I would love to get my real estate license, but I'm afraid there are too many real estate agents in my marketplace.

That's a great question, and unfortunately, many people use this excuse to avoid pursuing their dreams and desires in life. What if every car company thought to themselves, Ford motor company already has the automotive industry locked up? Or better yet, what if Steve Jobs said there were too many Windows computers, and neglected to pursue his dream for Apple computers? Remember, EVERYONE in real estate had to begin at the same place you are now, taking the real estate school and passing the exam. 

Yes, you will always have completion, but don't forget, you are unique, and you have advantages you can bring to the real estate industry. Never let the thought of too many real estate agents in your marketplace hold you back from being all you can be!

Again, that's an excellent question, but our industry always has room for another successful, local, real estate professional. Yes, that's you!  

I hope you will sign up for our real estate school today! And remember, we're always here to provide you customized attention and help so you can pass the real estate exam on your first attempt!

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  • Thank you for providing one of the best and most informational real estate classes I have ever taken! It had been years since I had my license and I had to start over, and your online classes provided all the information I needed to pass my test the first time, which saved me a great amount of time and money, thanks, again!

    Tracy Lynn Merritt

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