Online vs. Classroom Real Estate School - Which is Best?

Many students wonder if taking an online real estate school will limit their chances for passing the real estate exam, versus attending a live, in person school, and that's a great question.

First and foremost, it will depend on several factors.  If you have to be willing to devote a portion of each day when you commit to taking the real estate school online. However, the beauty of taking the course online, is that you can study and learn at your own pace. In a live classroom environment, you are forced to take the class at the school's pace, and for some individuals, that can be a bit fast. Keep in mind, most real estate examinations contain a lot of new information to learn, and if you have to study at a specific time rate, it may not be as helpful versus an online class where you can go back over the material and study at a speed that works best for you.

Second, it depends on the school and type of online class structure the school provides. If the school requires you to read and click, then by all means, a live school may benefit most individuals. On the other side, if the school is set up similar to our school, (Global Real Estate School) where you have audio and video explanations, video recaps, digital flash cards, and weekly study sessions streamed live via YouTube, then perhaps an online school is your answer. After all, you are now free to study at a speed that works best for you as well as experiencing a live classroom instructor atmosphere.

Global Real Estate School is conscience about creating a learning environment that will benefit you, the student, allowing you to study at your own time schedule and still give you a classroom experience. Most of all, we want you to enjoy the course, and we want to make studying for the real estate exam fun!

At Global Real Estate School, we're here to help you. Feel free to reach out to us anytime you have questions or need answers when determining which real estate school is right for you and your career. We want to be your next choice if you're looking for a real estate school in Missouri to get your real estate license! Baro Shalizi, CIPS

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