How to Pass the Real Estate Exam on the First Try

People will often ask me if there is a secret to passing the real estate exam, and the answer is yes and no. No doubt, the real estate exam is a challenging test, however, like anything, you can pass the exam (for the first time) with a few tips and suggestions outlined in this article.

#1 - Prepare

My first suggestion to help you pass the exam on attempt #1, is to prepare! You have to develop a game plan, and you have to prepare yourself for the work and time it will take. Yes, this means no television for the next couple of weeks. No internet, and yes, no time for all of the everyday distractions and daily rituals you may be currently use to. If you want to pass the exam (on the first try) you have to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the time and devotion to studying the material. My Mother would say, it's like learning a new language. Remember, "prepare" for the course and the exam!

#2 - Know the Definitions

As I noted in the previous sentence, studying and preparing for the real estate exam is like learning a new language. There is a slew of new definitions and terminology you must know, and to do that, you need to know the definitions. I have created some digital flash cards you can purchase from my website to download to your smartphone for studying when you are away from your home/office. You can find those on my Website, Bottom line, know the terminology, and know it well!

#3 - Stay in the Material

As the owner and school administrator for Global Real Estate School, one item I do notice that concerns me is how students will study a little, then take time off. They log in and then stay logged out for a day or two. Honestly, this is not a good system, and you will have difficulty passing the exam (on the first, second, third, or future tries) when you use this method. You have to get in the material, and stay in the material! Set a goal to complete the school within "x" number of days, and then go take the exam. During this goal or time, stay in the material. Study every day, and don't use an on a day off two approach. It won't work, and you're just wasting your time. Come to think of it, do you know any good athletes who practice one day, take several off, then come back for a little exercise later in the week and expect to win? I'll say it again, "Stay in the Material!"

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