How to "Launch Right in Real Estate" with special guest, Carla Cross!

How to "Launch Right in Real Estate" with special guest, Carla Cross!


On this episode, we are joined by Carla Cross! For more than three decades, Carla has worked exclusively with real estate professionals and affiliates to improve their skills, productivity, and profits. She is known throughout the industry as a trainer of trainers. Over her career, she has received many awards and accolades for her expertise in sales, management, and training.  John and Carla discuss advice for new real estate agents and what steps they need to make to start their professional careers.  

Visit for more information on her programs, books, and speaking events. Carla’s book, Launching Right in Real Estate: 
What They Won’t Teach You in Pre-License School, is a great resource for new agents. Our listeners can get a 20% discount by using the following coupon codes below! 

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