Current Student Comments on Global Real Estate School

It's always GREAT to hear positive comments from my students at the Global Real Estate School

Yesterday, I sent all of my students information about four new recordings I completed for the course. Basically, I record a video of myself teaching the subject matter of the online course content. My students can watch the sessions on their own time schedule. The purpose of the recordings is to provide a "live classroom" experience, and to allow me to go over the material in depth, helping to prepare my students for the real estate exam. Here is an e-mail I received from one of my students in reply to the new sessions I posted in their school course library:


"That is great! I enjoyed listening to your podcast today. So this morning I listened to one of your reviews on my daily walk. I am glad you are adding to your program. Your professionalism is astounding. Bravo

Have a great day,

Wendy B.


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