A Very Challenging Real Estate Exam Question Can You Answer This Question? Episode 146

A Very Challenging Real Estate Exam Question  Can You Answer This Question?  Episode 146


Broker John publishes an advertisement in the Homes magazine stating that he has a property for sale that is 3500 ft.² overlooking a large lake at 1207 Lakeview Drive in Farmington, Missouri, priced at $295,000. Mary sends a signed and dated letter to broker John that states: I accept your offer for the house with 3500 sq. ft. at 1207 Lakeview Drive overlooking the lake in Farmington, Missouri for 295,000.

A. Mary’s acceptance of the offer is valid contract because it was communicated before the offer was revoked

B. Mary’s acceptance of the offer is valid because John is the owner’s agent and the owner is vicariously liable for the acts of the agent

C. Mary’s letter does not qualify as an acceptance of an offer to sell the house

D. Mary’s offer is accepted based on John’s written signature responding to Mary’s letter before another offer is submitted



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