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This course was Amazing! It was constructed well and in a manner that allowed me to learn in many different ways. I enjoyed John's hands on approach to this course and all of the videos that he provided for extra clarification. Great Job! - Amanda, Rolla, MO

  • Approved 48 Hour Salesperson’s Course Study – Approved Through the Missouri Real Estate Commission
  • 24 Hour Practice Course
  • Mobile Ready Courses – Study from your computer or any mobile device
  • Real Estate Course Study e-Book
  • FREE – Math Made Easy
  • FREE – Practice Exams for Additional Study Resource  – A $40.00 Value (Included with enrollment)
  • FREE – Digital Flash Cards – Study with your mobile device whenever and wherever – A $19.95 Value (Included)
  • FREE – Access to John Mayfield – The Business Tech Guy University – Technology training and resources from John – Over $400 Value!  (Included for FREE with your course enrollment)
  • FREE – Weekly Virtual Study Sessions with Instructor John Mayfield – Study for the exam with John to learn and understand the real estate topics to help you pass the exam the first time
  • Watch Previous Virtual Study Sessions to help you learn the course topics
  • FREE instructional help with our online support staff when you have questions or need help with a real estate topic



John Mayfield has been a licensed real estate agent since 1978 and has taught pre and post license real estate education since the 1980’s.  John has helped thousands of real estate professionals with their pre and post education to pass the real estate examination, and to grow and prosper their real estate careers. Let John help you begin a NEW career in real estate today!


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I really enjoyed my experience with John Mayfield and Global Real Estate. It was great to have access to my courses on my own schedule and to be able to work at my pace. I loved the explanations of the material it made it much easier to understand and make sense of it. It was also great to know that John was there for me when ever I had questions or just wanted to discuss the information to make sure I really understood it. He was also great about taking my questions and answering them in study sessions. I would recommend Global Real Estate to any busy scheduled individual. Thanks, John! - Kelli, St. Joseph, MO


Exam Requirements:

Students wishing to become licensed as a real estate agent in Missouri must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Complete the approved 48-hour salesperson’s course
  • Pass a final course exam as employed by the school
  • For more information, you may check the Missouri Real Estate Commission’s Web site at www.pr.mo.gov./realestate.asp


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to complete the school? 

The school is designed to be a 48-hour classroom course.  With proper discipline, most students can finish the school and take the exam within a three-week time span.  However, don’t look at the school as a sprint from start to finish.  Take your time, take good notes, study and prepare so you can pass the exam on the first attempt.

Can I take my course work on an iPad, tablet, or from my mobile phone? 

Yes, our courses are fully mobile compatible.  However, we recommend you do as much work as possible from a traditional computer in a quiet and comfortable study area.  All of our students do receive access to our digital flashcards to help you study whenever and wherever.  You will also receive access to our practice exams as an enrolled student, where you can use the practice questions while on a mobile device and away from your dedicated study area. 

What if I am interrupted and cannot finish a chapter during my online coursework? 

The system will remember where you last logged off, and ask whether you want to continue where you left off, or repeat the chapter from the beginning.

Can I go back through any of the course work additional times? 

Yes, once you complete a chapter, you will have access to repeat the chapter as many times as you like during your online subscription. 

How long will I have to complete my course work? 

You will have access to the course for 90 days from the date of your purchase.

What if I’m not good at Math, will I have trouble passing the real estate exam? 

There are math questions on the exam, however, don’t let the math discourage you from pursuing a real estate career.  We will show you step by step for solving the types of math problems you may see on the exam, plus, all Global Real Estate School students receive FREE access to Math Made Easy, a special math section to help you with your concerns regarding math problems on the real estate exam.

Do I have to keep track of my hours of study for the real estate exam? 

No, the course meets the approved requirements to fulfill your 48-hour course hours.

Can I take the exam a second time if I don’t pass the school’s final exam? 

Yes, you will have a second attempt to take the end of course exam. 

What if I need help during my coursework? 

You will have access to phone or email our training staff during the day from 8 AM C.S.T. to 8 PM C.S.T.  You will also have the ability to attend our virtual training sessions each week, where you can watch and ask questions during the virtual training.

Do I have to sign up with a broker or office before beginning the coursework? 

No, you will only need to have a broker where you can place your license after you pass the exam and apply for your salesperson’s license.

How long has your school been teaching pre-license real estate education? 

John Mayfield has been teaching Missouri students since the mid to late 1980’s and is the author and co-author of seven real estate books.  John also holds a Master’s Degree in real estate from REALTOR® University.  John has personally helped thousands of individuals with their pre and post licensing real estate education.