Missouri (Blended Course) - Part Online - Part Live

Missouri (Blended Course) - Part Online - Part Live

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PLEASE NOTE - This course is only available in the Kansas City area, (or you will need to travel to Kansas City to complete the state portion of the course).  THIS IS A COMBINATION OF ONLINE AND LIVE. 

To complete this course, you will do the National content online - then finish one day in person at our Kansas City location, 1900 NW S Outer Road, Blue Springs, MO 64015.  

Please see our dates below for our LIVE, in-person classes in Blue Springs.

For more information, contact John Mayfield at 800-581-6014 for more information about the blended course.

 The BEST of both worlds, part online and part live!  Sign up today for the blended course, space is limited!

Other information about this course:

  • Approved 48 Hour Salesperson’s Course Study – Approved By the Missouri Real Estate Commission - Again the blended course requires you to finish the state portion in person at the Blue Springs, MO location.  
  • Plus, the Required 24 Hour Practice Course Study is included for FREE!
  • Mobile Ready Courses – Study from your computer or any mobile device
  • Real Estate Course Study e-Book
  • FREE – Math Made Easy
  • FREE – Practice Exams for Additional Study Resource  – A $40.00 Value (Included with enrollment)
  • FREE – Digital Flash Cards – Study with your mobile device whenever and wherever – A $19.95 Value (Included)
  • FREE – Access to John Mayfield – The Business Tech Guy University – Technology training and resources from John – Over $400 Value!  (Included for FREE with your course enrollment)
  • FREE – Weekly Virtual Study Sessions with Instructor John Mayfield – Study for the exam with John to learn and understand the real estate topics to help you pass the exam the first time
  • Watch Previous Virtual Study Sessions to help you learn the course topics
  • FREE instructional help with our online support staff when you have questions or need help with a real estate topic

    "I really enjoyed my experience with John Mayfield and Global Real Estate. It was great to have access to my courses on my own schedule and to be able to work at my pace. I loved the explanations of the material it made it much easier to understand and make sense of it. It was also great to know that John was there for me whenever I had questions or just wanted to discuss the information to make sure I really understood it. He was also great about taking my questions and answering them in study sessions. I would recommend Global Real Estate to any busy scheduled individual. Thanks, John!" 
    - Kelli, St. Joseph, MO


    2021 Live In-Class Dates

    June 26, 2021
    July 17, 2021
    August 14, 2021
    September 11, 2021
    October 23, 2021
    November 6, 2021
    December 11, 2021